Herewith, the entire text:

“Dayvid: U lost a good thing 4ver. Bye bye u troll/tool. Bus left! Now u can do whatevr u want with whoevr. U were never right 4 me or u would have been there, so there u go. Theresa.”

I had no Theresa in my contacts. The texter’s ID was a telephone number with the same area code as mine, but I don’t live in that city anymore. A misdial, obviously, but why was Dayvid not in Theresa’s list of contacts? Why did she have to punch in a number, getting the wrong one, mine, and never knowing that Dayvid would not get a well-deserved piece of her mind? It is possible she used a friend’s phone, but why?

I had three options: ignore the message; inform Theresa of her mistake; or reply as Dayvid, a prank without a payoff. I chose the last option.

Herewith, my reply:

“Teresa: I am sorry 4 everything. U R right to call me a troll, but I will remember only the good things about U. U were always 2 good for me and will be much happier with me out of the pic. I will love you 4ver. Dayvid.”

Consider the tone and content of my prank. Was it malicious? I would argue that it was gracious and sympathetic.

Now, what of Theresa? She, too, had options. Unfortunately, she replied.