“Sometimes I feel stuck in Lodi again, even though I’ve never been there.”


Born in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, and educated at Muhlenberg College and Cornell University, Darryl Ponicsan (PAWN-ah-son) was a high school teacher, a sailor with the Sixth Fleet, and a social worker in Watts before becoming a full-time writer.

He is the author of 14 novels, four under the name Anne Argula, and the screenwriter of nine feature films. In addition, he is a professional painter and sculptor. He has also written songs for the ukulele.


His first novel, “The Last Detail,” was adapted to film in 1973 and has become a classic of cinema. It starred Jack Nicholson, Randy Quaid, and Otis Young, and it received three Oscar nominations. In the same year an adaption of his fourth novel, “Cinderella Liberty,” starring James Caan and Marsha Mason, was also released and garnered three Oscar nominations and a Golden Globe award for Marsha Mason. As screenwriter, he was nominated for a Golden Globe and won the NAACP Image award. He has been nominated for two Writers Guild Awards and an Edgar Award, this for “Homicide My Own,” under the name of Anne Argula.

His most recent movie was “Last Flag Flying,” directed by Richard Linklater and starring Bryan Cranston, Steve Carell, and Laurence Fishburne, which is now streaming on Amazon Prime. His most recent novel is “Eternal Sojourners.”


My Latest Venture

“Last Flag Flying” opened at the New York Film Festival on September 28, with a limited release on November 3.

After the main screening, Rick, Bryan, Lawrence and I were whisked out of the theater and upstairs to a balcony as the end credits rolled. We stepped out into a spotlight and were given a standing ovation.



The city of Palm Springs honored him with a star on their Walk of Stars, the first of the new year.

It’s next to Ray Bolger, just off the entrance to Peabody’s, his favorite dive bar, and in front of the historic Plaza Theater.

At the Star Ceremony. Matthew Modine, DP, Ruby Montana, and Joe Wambaugh.



“I’ve written a baker’s dozen of novels and if I’m no longer burning rubber I’m still firing on all eight cylinders.”