Darryl’s Journal

Feminist Post-Studio Art in Reno

First time in, you might think Reno is where the desperate go to die, and that does happen with some frequency. Muriel did not go there for that purpose, or for any other reason. She bounced out of Berkeley and somehow landed in Reno, got off the bus and stayed. She...

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A Little Slice of Heaven

Welcome to Maragate, a little slice of heaven  lacking only a zip code. The major industries are hand-crafted jerky and artisan gin. Real estate prices are exorbitant. D.K. Kecskeméti’s wife paid $1.49 million for a hovel. The mayor is a dead-ringer for William...

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“I’ve written a baker’s dozen of novels and if I’m no longer burning rubber I’m still firing on all eight cylinders.”