Eternal Sojourners

My Latest Novel

“Eternal Sojourners” will be published by Skyhorse Publishing on November 5, 2019.

It is a novel told in the form of an email with links separating the chapters and names and terms of interest high-lighted.

D.K. Kecskem├ęti, Ph.D., an authority on the Romantic Poets and an unlikely screenwriter, is in New York on an 8-week high-pressure rewrite. He receives a call from his wife, Hope, enthusiastic about finding the perfect house in the perfect town, Maragate. D.K. has always deferred to Hope and had already agreed that it was time to open a new chapter in their lives. He tells her to go ahead and buy the house.

“Eternal Sojourners” is available for pre-orders on Amazon.

Hard cover $25.99, Kindle $16.00