“Eternal Sojourners” is unlike any novel you’ve ever read. (Skyhorse Publishing, Nov. 2019)

It is a story told in an email, with links to websites that may or may not be pertinent and with names of celebrities and the notable highlighted.

The introduction to the book:

TO: P.D.

Our office recently received the attached. We believe it to be the hard copy of a long email. Addressee unknown. Subject line: “As requested—“.
It was discovered inside an upstairs wall of a Maragate residence made uninhabitable by “The Hundred-Year Storm” and tagged for demolition. The document of some 450 pages was bound by three rubber bands. An empty bottle of Sweet Briar Dragon Gin and the dried carcass of a rat were found next to it in the framing.
Findings from forensics will arrive under separate cover so as not to front-load the experience with information that would “spoil the story” and may in the final analysis make little difference.

So the mystery begins even before we start reading the story, narrated by a successful screenwriter named D.K. Kecskeméti.

Who is P.D., who is H.R., and why is this screenwriter in a house he owns but didn’t buy, in a town he never heard of? And all that is before he becomes the witness to a police shooting of a black…angel.

Welcome to Maragate.