DARRYL Ponicsan

AUTHOR / Screenwriter / ARTIST

Darryl Ponicsan is the author of fourteen novels, including his debut, 1970’s “The Last Detail”, which was made as a classic film by Hal Ashby, with Jack Nicholson, Randy Quaid and Otis Young.

Ponicsan recently adapted his sequel “Last Flag Flying” into a movie starring Bryan Cranston, Steve Carrel and Laurence Fishburne.



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Recent Reviews on “Last Flag Flying”


“…enormously thought-provoking…grapples with matters that other movies about war prefer not to think about.”

LA Times

“…joins a solid company of timeless American movies…and a handful of classic Vietnam War epics…”


(5 stars) “…an adult rumination on the subject of patriotism…a major film pitched just above a whisper.”


“…a low-key gem, a sober reflection on grief that connects the Iraq and Vietnam Wars…


“…by the final scene we feel like we’ve lived with these characters through a transformative experience.”

DARRYl’s personal Journal

Splitting 8’s in Reno

I sat third to the deal, until a new guy sat down to my right. I took little notice of him. I had the brim of my hat lowered to eye level to block out the dealer’s mouth. He’d been running his stand-up routine, based on the accident of his birth, like most other...

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4ver: Love and Hate in the Digital Age

Herewith, the entire text: “Dayvid: U lost a good thing 4ver. Bye bye u troll/tool. Bus left! Now u can do whatevr u want with whoevr. U were never right 4 me or u would have been there, so there u go. Theresa.” I had no Theresa in my contacts. The texter's ID was a...

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A ScreenWriter’s Life

The two most worrisome times in a screenwriter’s life are when he does not have a job and as soon as he gets a job. Once he is into the first draft he is fine, but upon agreeing to an assignment he is beset with anxieties: can he make it happen, is it right for him,...

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