DARRYL Ponicsan

AUTHOR / Screenwriter / ARTIST

Darryl Ponicsan is the author of fourteen novels, including his debut, 1970’s “The Last Detail”, which was made as a classic film by Hal Ashby, with Jack Nicholson, Randy Quaid and Otis Young.

Ponicsan recently adapted his sequel “Last Flag Flying” into a movie starring Bryan Cranston, Steve Carrel and Laurence Fishburne.



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Recent Reviews on “Last Flag Flying”


“…enormously thought-provoking…grapples with matters that other movies about war prefer not to think about.”

LA Times

“…joins a solid company of timeless American movies…and a handful of classic Vietnam War epics…”


(5 stars) “…an adult rumination on the subject of patriotism…a major film pitched just above a whisper.”


“…a low-key gem, a sober reflection on grief that connects the Iraq and Vietnam Wars…


“…by the final scene we feel like we’ve lived with these characters through a transformative experience.”

DARRYl’s personal Journal

Tom Mix: the E-Book

This is the cover of the e-book edition of "Tom Mix Died for you Sins." I like it much more than the original. A new e-book edition of "Andoshen, Pa." is due to drop soon. I'll post that cover, also better than the original. Good job, Speaking Volumes.

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Cuban Rum, Cuban Music, Cuban Love

“It’s a good omen,” she said, but that’s the only kind of omen she ever saw. Trevor envied that in her. He saw only the other kind. He was young then, trying to find his own voice, to get out from under the influence of great writers. They were in Havana, their first...

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A Man, A Dog, and A Fat Boy

I put my helmet on the bar and ran my fingers through hair in great need of a cut. I was wondering if I had another hundred and twenty miles on a Fat Boy in me. Tomorrow would be the Fourth of July, not a good time to ride a bike. An older couple were at one end of...

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