DARRYL Ponicsan

AUTHOR / Screenwriter / ARTIST

Darryl Ponicsan is the author of fourteen novels, including his debut, 1970’s “The Last Detail”, which was made as a classic film by Hal Ashby, with Jack Nicholson, Randy Quaid and Otis Young.

Ponicsan recently adapted his sequel “Last Flag Flying” into a movie starring Bryan Cranston, Steve Carrel and Laurence Fishburne.



All Nighters

Cups of Coffee

Advanced Comments on
“Eternal Sojourner”

Michael Connelly

Author of the Harry Bosch novels

“With this engrossing novel Darryl Ponicsan explores the deepest mysteries of all. An often funny, sometimes sad, but always magical investigation of culture, art and, most of all, life. Ponicsan has somehow turned his observations into a what-happens-next page turner.”

Joseph Wambaugh

Author of “The New Centurions” and “The Onion Field”

“A parable for our times, full of absurdist humor.”

Thomas Sanchez

Author of Mile Zero and Rabbit Boss

“A metaphysical mystery tour twisting through cultural time zones and exploring the depths of the heart with surprising revelation, uniquely textured by balanced wit and hard-earned wisdom.”

Ada Limón

National Book Award nominee for poetry

“This is small town satire at its best. An oblivious wealthy newcomer gets trapped into a battle over the sound of leaf blowers unaware that the real battle is over his soul. A fast-paced, funny, and satisfying read where no one gets off easily.”

DARRYl’s personal Journal

As Dog is My Witness

As Dog is My Witness

As I understand it, and it’s my guess I understand it about as well as anyone, Existentialism is a philosophy that requires its adherents to stake out personal freedom in any situation. Physical restraints vis-á-vis personal freedom is not a problem seeking a...

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The Perfect Stranger

The Perfect Stranger

The Perfect Stranger   She was stunning, unapproachable, out of his league. Jamal had seen her at the Straight before, sitting with the same bunch of girls. Now she was alone, studying her notes and having a late lunch of salad. He came out of the line with a grilled...

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The Pirate

The Pirate

Molly did not drink and did not care much for sitting at bars, but she drove Trevor to the places he liked and sat with him. She had become his designated driver, among other things, some of them wearing thin. She drove him to one of those bars, a hotel bar, where he...

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